So, it was my birthday on Wednesday and I have received some great presents! The hardest thing I’ve noticed now that I have a baby, I want to use the gift cards on him! Before he entered my life, I never really understood the urge to spend gift money on your kids instead of yourself. Now I do! Making him smile and laugh is an amazing gift to me! 


He had many names and many roles in the High Court, but ‘king’ was not among them.

"Jack of all trades," the people jeered, "Master of none! His green robes match the monster’s green eyes!"

The Ancillary simply waited. They would soon realize his dominion would be like his justice: absolute.

My goodness i love this!

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Caramel Apple Bar

I like dis :3 veeeeeeery much

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a very supernatural giveaway (aka marlie transitioned fandoms and needs to get rid of some things)
season 1-7 dvds
10 supernatural novels (including john winchester’s journal)
three magazines (idk)
signed photo of jensen ackles
signed photo of jared padalecki
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"It’s easy to look at the Vagabond and imagine him the cruelest — but Haywood only wears ruthlessness as a mask, to intimidate and enthral. The Red King’s malevolence is a part of him, hidden like iron thorns beneath gentle petals.     

Roses are red, yes, but do not forget that red is fire, and red is blood. In his dominion, they are all one and the same, and they answer to none but him.”


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Jacob :3

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